The ET Program

The females come first at the Diamond H. We focus on her abilities and maternal traits to make the most dependable and profitable matings we can. The importance of sire selection will never be overlooked, but the impact that great females can make inside a herd can arguably be just as important to profitability. The basic evaluation of mothering ability, foot and udder structure, milking ability, feed efficiency, disposition, and fertility, in conjunction with the best genetic evaluations in the industry…are all used to put our money and credibility in the ladies that go to work 12 months a year for us. We will never sacrifice maternal genetics as we select matings knowing that the best offspring comes from the best cows. Through our ET program, technology allows us to multiply the genetics from our best females we have to offer and provide larger, more consistent sire groups than conventional methods of AI and natural breeding. The ladies at the Diamond H have seen some very tough conditions over the years and have always stood strong, These are not dolled up pageant queens, just honest, hard working matriarchs that we strive to continually improve and rest our hat on.