The Breeds

Hybrid vigor plays a huge role in our operation. From the beginning we knew that Red Angus would be the foundation of our herd, but we also knew that breed complementary was something we could not ignore. Through a systematic Red Angus and Simmental crossbreeding program, we can bridge the gap in our never ending quest to create the most balanced animals we can that have the ability to fit multiple scenarios and environments. The need for purebred animals will always be present, but the usability of hybrids can be very profitable by accessing one of the free tools we have in the industry…”heterosis.” If you’re a commercial cattleman who is looking to change your program in this direction, we will gladly assist you in the development of a rotational crossbreeding program and will have the sires readily available to make the system work. Along with the demand for crossbred feeder cattle, any commercial program should look in this direction to gain premiums for all your hard work. Inside our own ranch, the crossbred female continually proves herself and we have the data to back it up. The increased fertility, efficiency and longevity are just a few of the things we love about these cattle and we will continue to combine the best genetics out there to create them.